Confession time ladies! Hands up…Who has a pair of heels that they just love because they are so darn cute, but yet they slip off your feet all the time, leaving you stressed and frustrated, and walking like a day old deer? Well, here is a round up of some solutions worth a try, and we are so saving the best for last! The Holy Grail of shoe nightmares, the answer you have been searching for! Check the video here!

Gel pads

Available from the high street or many online retailer, the aim is to create less space in the shoe, making it harder to slip off, and pushing the foot back into a better position to grip the heel area.

Comments: This actually gave the shoe a better fit, and the gel was comfortable, but it didn’t last long and the shoe was slipping off again! Sometimes the gel slipped and I could see it over she shoe which was rather off putting too!

Success rating ☆ ☆ ☆


Heel grips

Again, available in lots of places, these pieces of sticky tape are designed to be stuck inside the heel of the shoe, and create friction and grip between the heel and the back of the shoe. It also takes a bit of space out of the shoe, creating a better fit, or so they say!

Comments: This was not a great solution when wearing stockings and tights, it just slipped and at one point created a ladder in the stockings – not professional at all!

Success rating: ☆


Footie sock

A small lacy sock designed to give some grip to the sole of the foot, various colours available.

Comments: Pretty ineffective to be fair – occasionally we could see the sock over the line of the shoe, and that just annoys us greatly – Did nothing to stop the heel slipping.

Success rating ☆


Double sided tape

Another old wives tale, and considered a quick fix, using normal sellotape rolled up to create double sided effect.

Comments: Next to useless and then some! Really didn’t help in anyway. Shoes just fell off as normal, not recommended!

Success rating ☆



Again, a bit of an old wives tale, but spraying your feet with hairspray before you pop your shoes on offers more grip and helps stop the shoes slipping off.

Comments: Made no difference at all!

Success rating ☆



A great suggestion from your granny! Liberally apply talc to your feet, providing grip and adhesion to the feet.

Comments: A little more grip, but soon wore off! Worked better with bare feet that it did with stockings and tights, not helpful when you have to wear them!

Success rating: ☆ ☆


Detachable shoe straps

Shoe straps have proven to be the best method to keep heels securely on feet. Your shoes will never slip off your feet while walking!

Success rating ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆