Latest customer review – ‘Where have these been all my life?’

These straps are fabulous! I am so pleased I can now wear a pair of leather platform soled court shoes that I have had for years but have only been able to wear once up until now, because they just would not stay on my feet. They look totally as though they are part of the shoe – I definitely recommend these. I can now consider strapless shoes again, knowing that these straps are available if I need them. Well worth the money – I just wish I had discovered them years ago!!! 🙂

Going out dancing tonight?

Now you can be confident and dance comfortably in your platform high heeled shoes as you will never loose them again with detachable ShooStraps from Eliza May!


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Detachable ShooStraps

High heeled shoes are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, whether you are going for the formal look or the going out look, they really do pull an outfit together and make it look complete.

These days it is all about looking your best and what you wear says a lot about you as a person, but not everybody can get on with wearing high heels and are therefore may feel like they are missing out on feeling good and looking good. Some people may find high heels uncomfortable and some may be unable to walk in them. However, one problem some women are facing is the fit of high heeled shoes. They can sometimes fit badly and make them impossible to wear but now there is a solution to this problem and it could change the way that you look and feel about high heeled shoes forever!

The answer to your problem is of course detachable ShooStraps! The days of high heeled shoes slipping off your feet are gone forever, and there is absolutely no compromise for deciding to use them! These straps have been a revolution for women and it has allowed many women to finally be able to wear high heeled shoes without them worrying about their feet. The straps come in many different styles and colours and straps can be found to suit any style of shoe, the world of high heeled shoes has now become your oyster!

These straps give women the chance to make a statement and they do not cost a lot which is always a positive!

Detachable ShooStraps can make any shoe look gorgeous and they really help to breathe new life into those high heels that you were unable to wear.

Now women can wear the shoes that they want, so that they can feel sexy, stylish and confident. Never has finding that perfect pair of shoes been so easy!

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