What to say about Eliza May ShooStraps?

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Here at Eliza May we’re confident that we offer one of the best products on the market, but its not for us that  resting on our laurels malarkey, oh no not us! So in the interests of patting ourselves on the back (we’re sort of joking) and of course seeing where we can improve, we thought we’d interview a couple of happy customers and get there thoughts on how our ShooStraps have worked for them.

  1. “What to say about Eliza May ShooStraps?

Having always struggled to find shoes that fit quite right due to having shallow feet, finding Eliza May really has been an absolute godsend. In the past I’ve always had to grin and bear it when buying dressy shoes, the alternative being flats everywhere. So you can imagine my relief when a friend recommended me Eliza May, admittedly I was sceptical at first, could a £9.99 strap really end years of problems with shoes?

My doubts have been well and truly silenced! Its amazing how one little strap can make all the difference, to give an example I recently bought a pair of expensive but beautiful heels from a certain well known French house. I had a friends wedding coming up and just had to wear these shoes, only problem being I was between sizes, I opted for the larger size resigning myself to an afternoon of looking great but fighting grimaces!

Instead after my friends recommendation, I bought myself a couple of detachable straps in red. Not only did they solve my loose shoe conundrum but you’d never know they weren’t part of the shoes I originally bought.  

I’ll certainly be returning to Eliza May, the knowledge that I no longer have to worry if shoes are a little loose or uncomfortable on first fitting is priceless and leaves me to get on with the important stuff, mainly dancing!”

Nathalie 29, London

  1. I had thought I’d have to stop buying court shoes, I’ve always had fairly wide feet and always found shoes didn’t fit me in the heel.

That is until I came across Eliza May in Look Magazine. I’m usually a little sceptical about products that promise to solve problems, but I decided to take a chance on Eliza May and I’m so glad I did. They’ve made court shoes wearable again after years of struggling with heel slip. They’ve enabled me to recycle several pairs of shoes I’d given up on wearing, plus I no longer have to be quite as picky (within reason of course!) with buying new shoes.

I’ve bought a few pairs of ShooStraps since discovering them in a variety of colours and styles and have yet to find a pair that don’t look great with my shoes. My only complaint is that they could do with a couple more materials to choose from perhaps something in leather?

Rebecca 42, Leeds

So there you have it ladies, straight from our customers, but don’t take their word for it! Give us a try!

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Ladies! Want the gain without the pain? Read on…

Picture the scene…

You’ve just got hold of a pair of THOSE shoes, you step into them waiting to feel that killer shoe feeling, you’re looking and feeling great, you take a step forward and your foot slips out…

Do you:

1) Consign them to that dark corner of your wardrobe where the ghost of 1997’s jelly shoes lives?

2) Suffer through the pain and tomorrow’s walnut sized blisters, at least you look great?

3) Cast them back into the fire from whence they came?


4) Solve the problem quickly, painlessly and cheaply with Eliza May ShooStraps.

Here at Eliza May, we say choose 4 and prosper!

Women don’t come with a one size fits all label and neither does style, so why do we suffer with shoes that are nearly perfect?

Still need convincing? Here’s 5 way’s Eliza May ShooStraps will improve your shoes:

1) From pumps to wedding heels our straps turn your shoes from ill fitting to comfortable, sexy and sophisticated in the click of a strap.

2) They look great! Our ShooStraps won’t only make your shoes more comfortable they’ll also add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe. Give those tired old pumps a new look, experiment with different tones and texture, make your shoe collection work for you.

3) Say goodbye to ugly and uncomfortable solutions like double sided tape, heel inserts or heel guards. Now all you need to keep your shoes in place is one elegant strap!

4) Suitable for any occasion our ShooStraps look great with everything from killer heels to wedges. So whether its a crazy party or another day at the office, we’ve got you.

5) This ones our favourite…no need for the ‘flats in the handbag’ solution with our ShooStraps. That 1am feeling when dancing starts to hurt is a thing of the past. Come home in the shoes you left in, blister and sore free!

So what are you waiting for? Join women all over the globe in liberating their feet from pain and look great doing whatever it is you do!

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Happy Friday! Do not forget to wear your Shoostraps tonight!

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Whose Straps? ShooStraps! Amazing blog article by Riana!

”The awesome stretch material on ShooStraps enable easy fitting onto shoes and ankles – of all sizes! The range of designs are so diverse, they really can be worn at any time and for any occasion. So when I just can’t make my shoes work for me, ShooStraps are my latest fashion ‘go to’.

Look how they transformed my stilettos, which I used to not wear out due to poor fitting. Now I can wear these shoes without any worry of them falling off or spending the day walking at a snail’s pace. ”


Whose Straps? ShooStraps!

Amazing article about ShooStraps by Blogger Ann-Louise! Check it out!


”They are good because they make your shoes stay on your feet and they can totally change the look of the shoe! And I think they are great because they fit all types of heels (heels without straps of course) and sizes because they have elastic bands.”

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