About us

The straps are posted worldwide FREE of charge

Unique detachable ShooStraps, which help keep shoes on feet if they slip off, or make shoes even more glamorous.

A warm welcome to all our CUSTOMERS.

Eliza May is an exciting brand that offers revolutionary fashion accessories that are focused on providing women with a solution to a very common problem whilst also enhancing the look at the same time.

Our website currently offers an amazing selection of detachable ShooStraps that will significantly improve the comfort of a pair of shoes when they are worn. The straps will also enhance the beauty of the shoe whilst also offering the chance to experiment with different tones and colours for as little as £9.99 a pair.

Whether your shoes are heels, wedges or flats, our unique detachable shoe straps will fit all styles and will:

  1. Firmly hold your shoes in place
  2. Provide comfort
  3. Enhance the look and style

Our unique detachable ShooStraps will save money and solve any issues that are associated with uncomfortable shoes giving women the freedom to enjoy nights out dancing without worrying about ill-fitting shoes.

There is no need for shoe inserts, heel grips, double sided tape or heel guards, Eliza May shoe accessories can help and are now available all around the world with FREE delivery!